15 Celebrities Most ‘Worth-It’ Plastic Surgery


Come on, show us that million-dollar smile! Whether you’re walking the red carpet in a sequined gown or dashing tux, heading to the mall for some weekend shopping or making the trek to the local grocery store in sweats and a baseball cap, everyone wants to look beautiful. From little girls begging to try on their moms’ high heels and old ladies putting on their Sunday finest to middle-aged men looking to hide the grey hair in their beards, who doesn’t want to look their best?

For most of us, looking our best often means a special outfit, a new hairstyle or an extra dab of cologne to boost our confidence. However, celebrities raking in big paychecks tend to take their looks and their beauty to the next level with – you guessed it – plastic surgery. What’s a few thousand dollars to tuck, tighten, pull, veneer, laser or chisel anyway?

1. Kylie Jenner ($2 Million)

02 Kylie-Jenner-2


The youngest celebrity on our list at 18 years old, Kylie Jenner – and the rest of her Jenner-Kardashian clan for that matter – certainly are obsessed with their looks, don’t you agree? Coming in at number two, Kylie is the most severe surgery hound on the list after accumulating a gargantuan surgery bill of $2 million! Come on now, Kylie! Despite your denials of only going under anesthesia at the dentist, the world knows your chest didn’t grow two sizes simply because of some magic fairy dust!

Speculations over Kylie’s lips in early 2015 led the reality television star to finally admit to having a lip augmentation to fill out her lips. Often considered the “lost” or “forgotten” sister, Kylie’s low self-esteem when it came to her thin lips led her straight to the surgeon’s office, which was against her mom’s wishes (and we all know how much Kris loves plastic surgery!).

Though the $2 million price tag seems a little steep for Kylie’s natural lip fillers alone, perhaps her surgeries haven’t been in vain after all. Now living apart from the shadows of her stunning big sister, Kim, Kylie’s plans to improve her looks seem to has worked as she has captured the attention of Hollywood with numerous job offers for modeling and television appearances. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to fame, fortune and going under the knife.

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