Best man deploys before wedding; couple replaces him with cardboard cutout


A best man who was deployed to the Middle East before his best friend’s wedding was replaced with a cardboard cutout so that he could still be apart of the big day.

After Travis and Kelsey Blankenship learned that Robbie Wells was going to be deployed with the Army National Guard before their wedding, not having him at the altar was not an option.

So the Arkansas couple devised a way to have him still represented on their special day – they found a picture of his face and photoshopped it onto a life-size cardboard cutout body of actor Daniel Craig.


While he was not able to be their in person, Wells still had to fulfill one of his best man’s duties, delivering the best man speech which he did by recording it before he was deployed to surprise the groom.


Wells (pictured) was deployed to the Middle East with the Army National Guard before the couple’s October 24 wedding

‘It was rough to hear that he wasn’t going to be there, but ultimately it’s not about him standing next to me. It’s about the service that he’s doing for us right now,’ Travis Blankenship said of his best friend

The cutout of Wells pictured as he is carried down the aisle during the ceremony by one of the bridesmaids05

The cutout has since been sent to Wells’ fiance in Iowa while she waits for him to return home.

Mrs Blankenship said Wells is in about 60 to 70 per cent of their wedding photos.

The couple had learned the groom’s best man was not going to be at the wedding a few months before it.

Mr Blankenship said that while they wished he could have been at their wedding, ‘what he is doing for us and serving our country and keeping us safe is so much more’.