Life Or Death Depends On How Fast You Do This After A Stroke


Knowing how to react in the event of someone suffering a stroke — the fourth most common cause of death can help save lives. -Every minute counts in a stroke.

There are two types of stroke: Acute ischaemic stroke (caused by blockage of a blood vessel) and haemorrhagic stroke (caused by the bursting of a blood vessel).

For patients arriving within the first three hours of any stroke, a clot-busting agent may increase their chances of a good recovery. Other treatment options for stroke victims include the use of devices to re-establish blood flow to areas deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Those with haemorrhagic strokes may require emergency surgery.

The present use of a clot-busting agent within the first three hours of the attack is currently the only approved treatment for acute ischaemic stroke. Recent studies have shown that the benefits of the treatment extend to four and a half hours after the onset of stroke symptoms, but experts warned that patients should not be complacent and think they have more time to react as the chances of a good recovery are reduced when treatment is delayed.

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