24 Most Extreme Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Of All Time


This article won’t have a lot of commentary – I feel like the pictures speak for themselves.

As a fan of natural beauty, I generally dislike the idea of plastic surgery – although I can understand the need for it in medical cases. But I don’t feel the need to berate anyone for their choice of plastic surgery – it is after all their choice.

That being said, I think these people may have taken it a bit too far…



1. Heidi Montag

1. Heidi Montag.
Reality star Heidi Montag, 25, had 10 procedures in one day, including a facelift and nose job. She now says she regrets the procedures.


2. Lil Kim

2. Lil Kim.
Lil Kim is notorious for her shocking songs and brazen attitude, but it was her face, not her lyrics, that had fans shocked.

Lil Kim showed off a drastically different-looking face when she took to the stage to perform during L.A. Pride. Is it a case of plastic surgery gone wrong?

Overall, this an example of plastic surgery gone bad, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian of Lift MD Aesthetics Beverly Hills, who has not treated the rapper, said. It looks like she had a brow lift from top to bottom, leaving her brows looking uneven and also a nostril reduction.

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