News Anchors Whose Beauty Will Make Your Jaw Drop


If you are ever channel surfing and happen to come across one of these beauties, put down the remote. These women are so stunning that they can make even the most boring story seem interesting. Take a tour around the globe as we pay tribute to these members of the Television Elite.




1. Vanessa Huppenkothen – Televisa Deportes, Mexico

Vanessa Huppenkothen was born in Mexico City in 1985 to famed German Soccer player, Dieter Huppenkothen. Her first job as a sports jounralist was the result of her winning a competition at Mexican station Televisa Deportes

In addition to her reporting duties, she began modeling in 2007 and has competed several times in the ‘Miss Mexico’ national contests.


2. Pamela David – Desayuno Americano, Argentina

Pamela David works as a TV Host, Actress and Model. She was born in Cordoba, Argentina.

She has a child with Argentinean professional basketball player Bruno Lábaque.

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