22 Best Photobombs Ever!


Taking photographs these days are an everyday experience due to the technology that we have in our hands in the modern era. Go back just 20 years and a photograph was something that was only taken on special occasions whilst nowadays everyone carries around a camera on their cellphones. With this increase in photos being taken it has also led to an increase in photobomb opportunities for those that were not intended to be in the picture at all!

I have taken a look around to find some of the best photobombs out there right now and have come up with a list of twenty of them. These are in no particular order and have just been put up randomly. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the twenty that I did find and that you get the same laughs out of them as I did!

1. Crying for help bomber

01 1
Kicking of this list is this rather scary looking photobomb. Here a lady is clearly requiring urgent help but this man seems to think of the situation as the perfect picture moment.


2. Can you spot the odd one out?

In this picture, a group of beach holiday makers are clearly having the time of their life. It makes sense to photograph such a happy moment to keep for good memories. But little did they expect this person in the background….

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