This Box Shows You Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast With Real Rain, Clouds, And Lightning


Ken Kawamoto , an inventor, has really livened up that boring weather forecast with a visionary product. It is called the Tempescope, and it is a small box that fits right on your table, or any other space that you choose.


This small Tempescope box brings you the weather forecast in a completely new way. The Tempescope actually creates the forecast conditions inside it.


Basically, the Tempescope is a visual player of the forecast of the upcoming day’s weather.


This small example is showing rain and lightning.


Wirelessly remote connected to a PC, the Tempescope downloads forecast information and processes it. The Tempescope then plays the information. The only condition that has not been accounted for is snow.


Ken Kawamoto set up a Kickstarter campaign for the Tempescope, so the masses will be able to have a Tempescope of their very own sometime this year. Not only that, but Kawamoto has released all of the necessary information so others have the option of creating their own Tempescope via open-source.


Watch the video below for some live demonstrations of the Tempescope in action.