5 Silly Ways That YOU Are Wasting Money on Petrol


When it comes to cars, buying one is already so expensive that some people think it’s pointless trying to save on the peripheral costs of actually running it. That of course, is a huge mistake.

It remains an almost certainty that fuel prices aren’t going to drop to the kinds of lows that would make you not even bat an eyelid when going to top up your fuel tank, so here are 5 ways that you’re burning petrol and wasting money, and you might not even know it:

1. Adding Unnecessary Weight To Your Car

If you were to pop the boot of some people’s cars, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were planning on setting up a mobile convenience store as a sideline business. Things ranging from golf sets, to baskets carrying a whole load of random household items, all add additional weight to your car.

In case you’re actually wondering why this is even an issue, the simple explanation is that the more weight your vehicle carries, the more fuel it uses. Without going into a complex physics lesson, the heavier the car, the more force is required to move it, and of course, the thing that helps to generate that force is (in part) – petrol.

Apart from storing a whole bunch of useless junk in your car, other additions such as car modifications that add significant weight to your car like nice looking rims may probably do a little for your ego, but are of no help to your wallet.

overloaded car

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