She got her airline seat upgraded by the captain. You can’t imagine where she sat.


Ever tried to get onto a plane and was told that it is fully booked. Sometimes that can be a lucky thing, as the flight crew may bump you up onto a business or even a first class seat.

This was what an attractive young woman by the name of Ada Ng experienced. She was travelling between Hong Kong from Taipei on a Cathay Pacific flight and got a free upgrade. However, her upgrade got way out of hand when she was unexpectedly upgraded into a cockpit seat!

Ada Ng, 28, took photos of herself in the cockpit and a video of the flight landing at the airport. The photos were posted on her Weibo page with a status update on how cool it was to experience takeoff and landing inside a cockpit.

Her photos and video quickly became viral online and were featured on various news sites. Many netizens felt puzzled because tight security post 911 made it virtually impossible for passengers to access the cockpit.