20 Horrifying Toys That Will Traumatize Your Kids Forever


It’s not just the kids who are fussy with toys. Parents nowadays spend much time trying to buy the perfect toy for their kids. Not only should the toy bring fun to the young ones, plenty of times, parents also look out for toys which are safe, non-toxic and also educational.

While there are certainly many toys that are absolutely fun and educational, there are other toys that – either purposely or unintentionally – are inappropriate, disturbing, violent or sometimes even perverted. From Unicorn the Impaler to a Hitler dummy, these are 20 horribly inappropriate toys your kids should never play with!

The unhealthy skinny pregnant teen
01 This unhealthily skinny pregnant teen


The avenging narwhal that impales adorable animals
02 The avenging narwhal that impales adorable animals

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