5 Shocking Photos Of An Exploded Excrement Tanker Covering Everyone in Poop!


Unsuspecting passers-by in Guangxi, China got the dirtiest shock of their lives when an over-filled septic tank exploded. This disastrous accident left pedestrians, streets and nearby stores showered in poop, certainly not a pretty sight.

People were covered in human waste before they could even react to the sound of the explosion. An eyewitness said, “I noticed some people gathered in the street and thought there had been a car accident. Being curious I went closer, and the smell hit me. It was absolutely disgusting.

“Then I realised that a tank filled with some disgusting brown liquid had exploded, scattering it all over the street and the people who were shopping or walking past.

“At one of the shops, just about every item on display was covered in brown liquid. The shopkeeper was extremely furious!”

The shopkeeper is said to have shut down his business for the next few weeks, so as to clean up the disgusting mess.

No one was injured but some of the unlucky victims sought medical attention, for fear of chemicals and diseases that might have mixed with the waste.


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