Are You Having A Bad Day? These GIFs Will Make Your Day Bright & Cheerful!


Are you having a bad day today? Well, I am… I started the day waiting 45 minutes for the subway due to a malfunction and when I reached office, I was late for an important meeting with my clients. Turn out my clients were having a bad day too and they complained to my boss, who is an expert for ticking people off. It was raining cats and dogs at lunchtime so I only had some crackers to drown my sorrows in.

It was then I thought…how do I change my sorrowful, victimized feelings around? I remember as a kid that I would always draw funny pictures when I am sad and that really helped my moods. So, I decided to put up this post for anyone who is having a bad day. These pictures are specially selected to chase away the dark clouds so we can be bright and cheerful. Enjoy!

1. Dog wants to be in the video badly.



2. This cute little duckling is trying its best to stay awake.


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