12 Photos Of The Worst Tattoos In The World! #2 Totally Freaked Me Out!


When picking something as serious as a tattoo it is important to take into account that it will be there permanently.

However, if you really want to consider tattoo removal, the most successful treatment you can get is laser tattoo removal. The high intensity waves of the removal laser completely shatters the ink compound but does still leave a small mark in some cases.

Also it is important to do some research on your tattoo artist before going to get work done by him/her, word of mouth might not always be the best way to go. Sometimes previous research can be the difference between toxic ink and a skin infection, and having a safe procedure done. Tattoo removal is not an overnight process, more than likely you had to go to the shop more than once to get the tattoo done or touched up so the same should be expected for removal. So next time you choose a tattoo or tattoo artist, do your research and really think.

If not, you might end up with a tattoo you might live to regret, like the people below…

1. Fancy a game of checkers?

01 Checkered Face


2. There Is Something Very Smelly About This Tattoo

02a There Is Something Very Smelly About This Tattoo

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