12 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken. #10 Had Me In Tears…


A picture tells a thousand words – the joys, hardships and even the misfortunes of life. In this series, we bring you powerful photos from devastating events that happen around the world. Some photos may leave you in shock, some in deep emotions and some with a smile on your face.

1. Vulture waiting for child to die

Kevin Carter, a freelancer photographer took this photo on 1st March 1993, which won the Pulitzer prize. On the background you can spot an eagle who is waiting for the child to die to eat him. Kevin was subsequently torn by remorse for failing to help the child which was believed to have a contagious disease.
eagle waiting


2. Heart surgeon after surgery

A heart surgeon chills out after a 23 hour long successful heart surgery. Notice his exhausted assistant sleeping in the corner.
surgery after heart surgery

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