24 Extreme Selfies Not For A Weak Heart! #15 Is Totally Insane!


Want to take the perfect selfie? Well, we have 3 tips for you:

1.Watch the eyes. Look up towards the camera raise your eyebrows to have eyes appear larger. Smile a genuine smile and let it sparkle through your eyes. Avoid the fake lip smile.

2.Lean your neck towards the camera and protrude your neck, it will help eliminate double chin. Lower shoulders to give neck a slim appearance and relax.

3.Lastly, prep your lips with a quick bite and count to three for your photo. On count two blink so that on three your eyes will photograph at their widest and brightest.

If you do not think these 3 tips do not make any sense for you, then think of ‘setting’, i.e. the location, backdrop of your selfie.

A word of caution though! Regardless what you try and where you take your selfie, do not attempt these extreme selfies!

1. Man taking a photo with a huge alligator

Check out the alligator! It is definitely posing for the picture!
01 with crocodile


2. Selfie on a tower in Russia

Russia’s Spiderman’ Kirill Oreshkin takes extreme selfies from a tall tower in Russia.

02 on a tower

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