15 Most Hilarious Mis-Spelt Tattoo! #5 Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing!


A tattoo is a permanent mark on the body that is created by inserting ink into the skin. Modern tattoos are usually made with an electric injector that rapidly inserts the ink into the skin with needles. The needles prick the skin’s top layer and inject ink into its underlying layer of connective tissue, the dermis. Cells in the dermis are not regularly shed and replaced as they are in the epidermis. That’s why tattoos are permanent: Once the ink is in the dermis, it tends to stay there.

So, with a almost permanent process inked into one’s skin. You would think that anyone would consider very carefully and research very thoroughly before deciding on a tattoo design and tattoo artist. But… not with these guys though as you will find out.

1. He is one letter short from pure awesome-ness.

I Don't Know About Awesome. But, He Sure Became Famous After This One


2. This might just work.

This Might Work

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