11 Craziest Japan Inventions That Makes You Laugh Out Loud!


Ever wondered which country can take the title of the world’s most creative? A study has finally answered the question for you. The answer is Japan. If you’ve ever been to this amazing country, you won’t be surprised at the outcome. Visit Tokyo and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the creativity you see all around you, huge entertainment districts, striking architecture, truly convenient public transportation, gadgets, fashions, and even the serene temples tucked away on side streets brilliantly showcase Japanese creative thinking.

1. Baby mopper

Having a baby is a lot of work that many parents do not find the time to mop the floor. Solution? Get the baby to do it with the baby mopper! While stocks lasts!



 2. Standing napper

Ever struggled to keep awake on the subway? Fret no more! Sleep to your heart’s content with the standing napper!


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