7 Foods You Should Never Eat In This Lifetime. #1 Is Totally Unexpected!


3. Margarine

Margarine has grown in popularity especially with the bad publicity that butter has gotten with its saturated fats. Little known is that hidden in margarine, is hydrogenated trans-fat oil – something you want to avoid at all costs for your health.

Trans fats are formed by converting liquid vegetable oils into solid fats and are known to increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, bone problems, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases amongst many other conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, butter and saturated fats in general are not unhealthy, especially when they are derived from pastured animals that feed on grass rather than corn and soy. If not, go for extra-virgin coconut oil or olive oil spread alternatives.



4. Artificial Sweeteners

In a bid to provide ‘healthier’ alternatives, many food companies come up with ‘diet’ or sugar free version of their products, thereby releasing another more harmful compound known as aspartame. Aspartame comprises of methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid – all of which are problematic by themselves.

There are over 90 health risks documented linking to the consumption of aspartame which includes, brain tumors, migraines, dizziness, depression, heart palpitations, hearing loss, numbness – just to name a few.

If I have not convinced you on the health risks related to aspartame, I hope this video will.

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