6 Foods You Must Eat When Bodybuilding


3. Cottage Cheese

This is a bodybuilder’s dream food – low in fat and carbohydrate, yet high in protein. Not only that, but it contains casein and whey protein. Because whey protein is rapidly absorbed your muscles are fed immediately. Caseins, on the other hand, absorb at a much slower rate simulating a ‘time-released’ state.

Your body is absorbing protein for hours after consumption and saving your precious muscles from the dreaded “catabolic state.” Grocery stores typically carry single serving containers and larger tubs.

For those of you looking for a lean source of protein, you can choose from one of the lower fat versions (fat-free, 1%, 2%, and 4%). Obviously the 4% fat cottage cheese tastes much better than the fat-free version, however, mixing in some sugar-free fruit preserves or cinnamon and Splenda will definitely buffer any dislike for the taste.

cottage cheese


4. Broccoli


Your mother was right when she forced you to eat your broccoli. This green veggie offers so many health benefits you are crazy to leave it out of your physique altering diet. It is high in Vitamin C, and soluble fiber – that’s right, it helps to move your bowels.

It contains properties believed to lower your risk of certain cancers, and has anti-viral activity to increase your immune response as well. Because of the high fiber content, this green veggie is very filling, leaving you feeling fuller longer. If your tummy is full you are less likely to over eat the foods that can really harm your physique. This in the end will lead to fat loss.

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