22 Funniest Animal Photobombs Ever!


Have you ever posed before a popular momentum waiting to take shot and got photobombed at the exact moment the shot is taken? Well, I sure did and it is a frustrating feeling (sometimes) to be photobombed by a stranger.

However, what if this stranger was not a human being but a friendly being from the animal world. Strange it might sound, animal photobombs does not lead to that ‘frustrating feeling’. More than ever, animal photobombs are immensely funny and super hilarious.

Here we bring you a list of the funniest (guaranteed) animal photobombs ever!

1. Hi there, I am here too!

01 Hi there, I am here too!

This hilarious seal seemed to be having some major fun in the sun as she photobombs her penguin buddies.


2. Oops, just passing by.

2.  Oops, just passing by

An unsuspecting turtle accidentally photobombs this group taking photo in the sea. What a rare shot!

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