20 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Rings


The thing about celebrity engagement rings is that the longer you read about them, the more skewed your perception of “expensive” becomes. A ring that cost $150,000 is no longer considered worth a second glance when you compare it to one that cost $8.8 million—when in reality, nearly every celebrity engagement ring is absurdly beautiful, large, and therefore pricey.

To find out who was and is in possession of the 20 most expensive rings of all time, click through the gallery below!

20. Angelina Jolie

20. Angelina Jolie from Brad Pitt 16 carats estimated worth $500000

Brad Pitt collaborated with famous jewelry designer Robert Procop to design the perfect ring for Angelina Jolie, his wife to be. The collaboration took over a year to complete, as Brad seeked perfection.

The ring is a total of 16-carats with a 7-carat table-cut center stone with similar smaller diamonds wrapped around the band. The ring is unique and edgy in it’s own right and is estimated worth around 500,000 dollars. The ring is designed to encircle the actress/activist’s entire finger with diamonds.


19. Hillary Duff

19. Hillary Duff from Mike Comrie 10 Carats $750000

In August of 2010 Hilary Duff married former professional hockey player Mike Comrie. Before they decided to tie the knot, Mike proposed to the child-star with a 14-carat princess cut diamond ring. The ring is cleanly designed and as clear as water, also worth a whomping one million dollars.

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