Camping With Dogs Give You 100 Best Camping Tips


Ryan Carter is a busy man. He wanted an excuse to spend more time with his dog cooper, so he started the company Camping With Dogs. His goal is “Inspiring the world to go camping with their dogs!,” and his #campingwithdogs Twitter and Instagram have quickly become popular.

Let’s have these camping loving dogs give us the best tips to camping bases on their true experience! More info:

1. Arrive early. Give yourself plenty of time to set up camp before dark.


2. Choose a level spot and sweep it free of debris. If you must sleep on an incline, sleep with your head uphill.



3. Look up! Falling rocks, pinecones and dead tree branches can kill.


4. Don’t park or camp under a lone tree, especially on high ground. It (and you) will be a lightning rod in the event of an electrical storm.

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