17 Photos Of Cute Babies With Even Cuter Dogs


Feeling blue? Chill out, relax and enjoys these photos with cuteness overloaded in them!

1. Nice, warm hug


2. Baby likes bull dog

Baby Likes Bull Dog

3. Dog giving baby a wet, friendly lick

baby w dog

4. Baby and puppies share a nap

baby w puppies

5. The most powerful baby and dog team on Earth

baby with dog

6. Dog squeezing in on baby’s bouncer

baby with dog

7. Baby wants a ride


8. Dog gives baby a strong hug

baby with dog4

9. Husky comforts dog


10. Selfie time

Best Friends

11. Come down to play with me

Come Down To Play With Me

12. Classic resemblance


13. Hanging out selfie

Hanging Out

14. I will take care of you

I Will Take Care Of You

15. Napping together

Napping Together

16. Wake up and let’s play

Wake Up And Take Me For A Ride

17. All dressed up for the photo shoot

We Grew Up Together